Night bar tour in the heart of Moscow

Cultural recreation including photo session and well-designed entertainment program leading by a Russian-speaking guide from Brazil.

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Even Moscow residents have difficulty

in choosing a place for evening relaxation

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There are many different entertainment establishments in Moscow: lounges, clubs, bars, karaoke, terraces, grill pubs, gastro pubs, tea houses
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It is difficult to choose something special from such a variety
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There is a risk of getting in a boring bar and losing time
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You can come across a low-quality alcohol
The Walk Tour

During the Walk tour, we take responsibility

for the most important aspects:


We have a partnership with the best establishments in Moscow. It means that we will take care of you, and take you to the top rated places right in the heart of Moscow.


Duration of our tour is calculated, and therefore you will be able to get to subway before closing time.


4 out of 73 bars recognised as the best for their interior, quality and prices.


There are people from around the world participating in our tours. In that case, we start our tour in a cozy bar in order to get to know everyone better, and finish with a loud club party.


The bars we are visiting are created in a particular order, which will help to avoid intoxication and hangover after the tour. You will have a night full of positive emotions.


You have a truly eventful night ahead of you

4 bars Bar
4 bars

Bars are located close to each other right in the heart of Moscow.

4 welcome drinks
4 welcome drinks

You will have a welcoming drink at the entrance of each bar.

Games and Gifts
Games and Gifts

We will ask you some questions, and the person who will get the best result will receive one of the prizes in the end of our tour.

History of Moscow History
History of Moscow

It is also an educational tour. Our tour guide will tell you historical facts about Moscow on the way to each bar.

Tour guide

Walk Tour
Rafael is a Brazilian-Russian tour guide. His history is unique and interesting.

He read one of the books of Leo Tolstoy when he was a kid. He fell in love with Russia straight after that. Eventually, he decided to move to Russia.

He is also a football fan. It became challenging for him what team to support.
Rafael speaks 3 languages:
Raphael represents tour guides who do not drink during bar tours. In addition, he plays a vital role of making sure that nothing stops customers to have fun on the tour.
Every Saturday
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Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

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if you buy a tour in cash

  • 4 bars
  • 4 coctails
  • Games and gifts
  • Program
  • Guide
  • Photo session

Places left:

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Additional information


We will send you the exact address in advance


Our tours are planned and scheduled in advance


Tour guide remains sober throughout the tour


Our tours include a photo session

The Walk Tout In Moscow

Our tour guide will be in recognisable uniform


The entire tour route has a guide scenario


There is a short distance between bars. Approximately 5-10 minutes


You get a bright bracelet so nobody will get lost


Last bar is located in a walking distance from subway